True Colours Project

Supplementing new initiatives in education

  • Project Synopsis

    In response to the downgrading of many arts activities in schools and the alarming rate at which music, dance, drama, art and poetry are disappearing from the curriculum, aligned with a similar decline in the mental health and happiness of students, I’m focussing all my efforts on producing material to supplement new initiatives in education*.

    Your purchase of all items on this page supports the development of my new project, which promotes positive mental health in students of all ages via Heart/Mind learning and a Happiness Curriculum.

    True Colours Project

  • Song Samples
    (Stardust=S/True Colours=T)

We were born to sing. It’s primal and it’s tribal. Voice is the language of our hearts. It’s how we express ourselves. And it’s very important to our mental, physical and social wellbeing

Tania de Jong


  • Your writing and your efforts have profoundly touched the lives of 54 sixth graders and their families. You gave us the vehicle to transport them to another time and place. We pushed them and they grew into more than we dreamed possible. The audience gave them a standing ovation. You have had such an impact on our kids, your words really made us shine in so many ways....

    David Johnson
    Marshall School, Duluth, Minnesota, USA