Items for downloading are provided in commonly-used file formats – normally Adobe PDF for documents and mp3 for sound samples and full tracks.

To open these file formats you will require relevant software:

  • to open an Adobe PDF document you will require the free Adobe Reader software;
  • mp3 players are usually provided as part of or bundled with your computer’s operating system; for more information see this page on Wikipedia.

Q & A’s

“I have clicked on the link but it is taking a long time to download.”

Your download pack containing your PDF’s of scripts, and scores and your MP3 backing and vocal tracks is quite large. It might take up to 60 minutes to complete the download depending on the speed of the broadband – but in many cases it will download more quickly. Please remember to save it your computer once you start the download process.

“I have downloaded my musical but I can’t find it on my computer.”

On your own personal computer, the download will have gone into the download folder on your hard drive. In a school, the download may go straight on to your server and you may have to ask the person in charge of your IT to retrieve it for you. If this fails, call us on +44 (0) 1803 814318 and we will try to help.

“Can I put the MP3 song files onto our internal school network?”

Yes you may, but the songs cannot be placed on to a parent portal or shared beyond the school. Sharing song files beyond your school network would constitute illegal file sharing and be a breach of copyright law.

“Am I allowed to share this digital musical, MP3s and backing tracks with another school or organisation?”

No, this is strictly prohibited. The download is for your school or group for one-time use and can only be shared with the pupils of your school. This material is under copyright and your licence permits you to use it only within your school or group.