The Happy Prince


  • Musical Synopsis

    Tears fall from the statue of a Prince and a little swallow is persuaded to help him save the city. He takes the Prince’s jewelled eyes, the ruby from his sword hilt and finally the gold that covers him and gives to the poor. Cockney urchins are showered with gold as they dance in the street and children learn the true meaning of love from the Prince and the Swallow.

  • Song Samples

What an achievement...Oscar Wilde would have loved it!

Sir Michael Morpurgo


  • North Tyneside Music Service have used Jan Stroud’s 'The Selfish Giant', 'The Happy Prince' and ‘Rainmaker' as combined schools events in conjunction with The Children’s University. The children perform Jan’s musicals as if touched by a magic wand, always rising to the occasion. They have been so good and enthusiastic, the only comments heard from staff, pupils and parents alike have been “positively positive”! Of all three, 'The Happy Prince' remains our favourite.

    Pauline Davison
    North Tyneside Music Service

  • The Happy Prince has arrived and I must say he is a very impressive royal visitor! You have done a wonderful job with the adaptation, and the songs are fantastic. I feel quite confident in saying Oscar would be chuffed!

    Dr Angela Kingston
    Author of 'Oscar Wilde as a Character in Victorian Fiction'

  • Our production of ‘The Happy Prince’ last week was a great success. You really do write some fantastic musicals. We have enjoyed the challenge of putting them on and I know the children have enjoyed acting and singing in them. I look forward to putting on another of your inspiring productions. Please keep writing them. They are wonderful.

    Mary Harris
    Drama Coordinator Brixworth CEVC Primary School

  • Our production was a big success in every sense and was well received by all. We received only glowing feedback. The music was fabulous – a great mixture of styles, all very catchy and the repetition of some of the melodies made learning them easier. It was a challenging musical for the age of our performers (8-11 years), but they did manage all the songs very well in the end. Certainly, I was very satisfied with both the music itself and with your level of service and will definitely consider one of your other musicals for our next production.

    Sarah Perry
    Elementary School Coordinator for The Arts, Dubai International Academy