True Colours


Eight songs with backing tracks, lyrics and music scores demonstrating the true colours and animal ‘medicine’ of characters in our musicals.

In addition to schools, the songs and music on these pages are equally exciting for youth choirs and other community groups and clubs. Every purchase enables me to continue developing resources at the highest level to motivate and inspire your singers. I’m very grateful for your support.

Song Samples

Listen to samples of all songs from the True Colours collection

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Neuroscience proves that group singing makes us happier, healthier, smarter and more creative. Every time you sing, you release endorphins including oxytocin which result in heightened states of pleasure, bliss, bonding and love.

The medicine in the songs

  • True Colours – the medicine of Butterfly, Dragonfly and Chameleon – ‘Rainmaker’
  • Templeton the Rat – a friendless dirty rat who is instrumental in saving Wilbur’s life
  • Wired for Sound – the medicine of party-loving frogs in ‘Rainmaker’’
  • Charlotte’s Dance – the magic creativity of Charlotte’s spider medicine
  • Find the Sunshine – the swallow’s medicine of selfless devotion and compassion in ‘The Happy Prince’
  • Loco for a coconut – Parrots’ resourceful medicine to soothe a grumpy bear in ‘Rainmaker’
  • Sing You Home – acquiring the power of Lion’s voice
  • Canary Blues – the medicine of a conniving canary whose delaying tactics led the swallow to find his real purpose and save a city

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