Selfish Giant Tree Project


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The Selfish Giant is the perfect story for now.

It has a long track record of success and has been performed worldwide by thousands of children, in venues that include The Linbury Theatre at The Royal Opera House. It was once performed in the presence of the Queen.

The Story

Like mother trees acting as central hubs, sharing their resources and communicating with other trees through vast underground networks, the pandemic has shown us all how inter-connected and dependent upon one another we are. This musical carries the same messages and a tree is central to the story.

Special Pricing

The normal minimum cost for resources and performance licence is £150. We are offering this complete package for £25

Our Donation

£10 from every production will go to One Tree Planted

Song Samples

Listen to samples of all songs from the Selfish Giant collection

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Safe Learning:

Children will be able to listen to Johnny Morris’ gentle narration of the beautiful story and a young Jon Lee of S Club fame, now a pre-eminent musical theatre star, sing ‘Forever Friends’. They will become familiar with the music and songs, seamlessly picking up lyrics and melodies whilst remaining socially distanced.

Mental Health:

Singing is so important to children’s happiness and positive mental health. It heals and, although it can’t be a classroom activity at present, we will provide download access to the songs so they can practice at home as well


The many themes in the story centre around friendship, love, kindness, selfishness, inter-dependence and gently explores loss of a loved one.

Environmental project:

The idea for this project was inspired by David Attenborough’s witness statement and vision for the future, ‘A Life on our Planet’. Young people everywhere are passionately interested in environmental issues, telling us how much they care and leading the fight for a better world. The Selfish Giant is all about connectedness, climate, the natural world and the consequences of selfish behaviour.

Downloaded Resources:

This very comprehensive package, contains all the elements you need to rehearse and perform a concert version; vocal guide tracks, backing tracks, lyric sheets, music scores and a copy of the original Oscar Wilde story to narrate in your concert performance. For practice in school, we’ve prepared a listening edit. The storyteller is Johnny Morris and the songs are interspersed in one long track. There is a separate edit of songs alone for home practice. Importantly, a performance licence is included. A fully scripted play is available at £10 per copy.

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